Company name: Mediline (Doron) Import & Marketing Ltd

Main business – Manufacturing, Importing & Distributing of:

Step on receptacles bins, decorative receptacles ,recycle bins, outdoor and indoor bins, pedal bins, beverage dispensers, Hotel Articles ,room service carts, catering carts, minibar carts.

All kind of service carts, big trash cans, tools boxes, storage cans for food, cleaning carts, chambermaid cart, medical hamper trolley; laundry trolley, laundry cart, waste trolley, laundry hamper, laundry basket, standing ashtray, Misc. Hygiene products, babie's chairs, baby changing stations and furniture for children.

Among our clients we provide services also to many Governmental Institutes such as Ministry of defense, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister's Office, Intel (Computer), and The Israel Electric Company, Coca Cola Israel, Hilton and most of the hotels in Israel etc...

Moreover we distribute our products to many Hospitals, Hostels, Factories, elderly citizen's home, shopping centers, DIY stores chains, Etc...

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Export & Customer care Department

Mediline (doron) Co.,Ltd.